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Burlington Exhaust Fan Hinges Installation

In commercial kitchen environments, the exhaust fan hinge exists for a reason. It provides the necessary support to the kitchen exhaust fan, which in turn is responsible for removing airborne grease and smoke from the cooking area. Installing the hinge correctly is essential to ensure the safety and proper function of your exhaust fan system.

Since the exhaust fan in a restaurant serves as a grease exhaust, it makes sense to use a hinge that can support the weight of the fan when handling it. The idea is for the hinge to be robust enough to handle the weight of the fan, yet flexible enough to allow it to move freely. The best option is usually a heavy-duty metal hinge that has been tested and approved for restaurant use.

When installing a new exhaust fan hinge, you have to measure it accurately so that the hinge fits correctly into place. If you’re unsure of the measurements, it’s best to ask a professional for assistance. Once you have the right size hinge, make sure to properly secure it using screws and bolts.

When mounting the hinge on the wall, be sure to use appropriate fasteners that can handle the weight of the exhaust fan. After mounting it, check that all nuts and bolts are securely fastened and that the hinge is able to move freely.

Once you have all of the components in place, it’s time to attach the fan to the wall using screws and nuts. Make sure everything fits together snugly and that there are no gaps or openings where grease could escape.

Exhaust Fan Hinges

Exhaust Fan Hinges

While all exhaust fan hinges function the same way, there are certain models that have been designed to work better. Look out for stainless steel hinges, which offer greater strength and durability than other materials. Additionally, you should buy a hinge with an adjustable range—this will allow you to adjust the angle of the exhaust fan so it works optimally in your kitchen space.

In Burlington ON, you have a handful of options if you’re looking for exhaust fan hinges. Commercial exhaust fan hinges are available in an array of sizes, styles and finishes to meet the needs of your kitchen. See to it that you choose a reliable product that can serve you for years. It’s also a good idea to install the hinge correctly and follow all manufacturer instructions for proper use.

Commercial Cooking Areas

Commercial cooking areas rely on an exhaust system that connects to the rooftop to get rid of the smoke and grease. The hinge is a critical component of this system, as it supports the fan while also allowing it to rotate so that it can draw in air from all angles.

The hinge kit is a rather unassuming component of the exhaust system in a dining establishment, but without it, the job of cleaning and maintenance of the exhaust fans would be an insurmountable task.

A well-designed and sturdy hinge is essential for the safety, efficiency and longevity of your restaurant’s exhaust system. For example, a poorly designed hinge can cause severe damage to the fan due to excessive weight and wear. Meanwhile, choosing an unfit material can damage the system’s components due to its low tolerance for temperature and humidity.

At Burlington Hood Cleaning, we don’t just help you choose the right exhaust fan hinge kit, but we also do the installation for you. It’s not a DIY task, for sure. But don’t fret over the added expense. We’ll talk to you about our installation, cleaning, and maintenance package so you don’t have to worry about hiring someone else to take care of the job.

For all your exhaust fan hinge needs in Burlington, call us and let’s get started on maintaining your kitchen’s safety and efficiency!

Our Fully Trained Service Technicians Follow The NFPA 96 (National Fire Protection Association) Standards for Hood & Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning.

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Exhaust Fan Hinge Kit for
Burlington Rooftops

Exhaust fan hinge kits designed for commercial kitchen use come in three primary types: L-bar hinge kit, driploc hinge kit, and Omni super hinge. Each of these kits is designed to fit various rooftop configurations and is made of sturdy materials that will last for years.

L-Bar Hinge Kit – This type of kit is a perfect fit for small, single-level rooftops. Its adjustable hinges make it easy to find the ideal angle for your exhaust fan.

Driploc Hinge Kit – Ideal for larger kitchens in a dining establishment with multiple rooftop levels, this hinge kit has two separate parts that can easily be adjusted to fit any ventilation needs.

Omni Super Hinge – This is the most versatile hinge kit of all. It’s designed to fit both single and multi-level rooftops on dining establishments, and its adjustable hinges let you quickly adjust the angle of the fan to your exact needs.

Hinge Kit for Exhaust Fan in Burlington

When it comes to selecting an exhaust fan hinge kit for your Burlington rooftop, you should be looking at several factors: size, shape, and material.

Size – Choose a hinge kit that matches the size of your exhaust fan. A too-small kit won’t be able to support the weight of the fan, and a too-big one will take up unnecessary space on your rooftop.

Shape – The shape of the hinge should match the existing structure of the rooftop so that it doesn’t cause further damage to the structure.

Material – Look for a durable material that’ll withstand extreme weather conditions and regular use. Stainless steel is one of the best materials available, but you can also find hinges made of plastic and aluminum.

Once you’ve chosen the right hinge kit as a crucial part of your exhaust fan in Burlington, call us at Burlington Hood Cleaning and we’ll get it installed right away.

Exhaust Fan Hinge Kit Installation

An exhaust fan hinge kit’s installation isn’t as straightforward as you probably expected. It requires expertise and precision, because even the slightest mistake can cause irreversible damage to your rooftop.

At Burlington Hood Cleaning, we have years of experience with exhaust fan hinge kit installation, so you don’t have to worry about a thing. We’ll send our team of professionals over to your place and help you install the hinge kit safely and correctly.

We can also take care of regular inspection, cleaning and maintenance for your exhaust fan hinge kit in your kitchen area so it stays in top condition for years to come. So, call us the moment you decide to get an exhaust fan hinge kit for your Burlington rooftop.

Kitchen Exhaust Fan Hinge Kits

Investing in kitchen exhaust fan hinge kits makes sense for three reasons:

1 – ✅ It makes it easy and safe to clean, fix, and maintain your kitchen exhaust fan. This is possible by simply adjusting the hinges to change the angle of the fan.

2 – ✅ It prevents accidents and injuries. A stable fan is less likely to fall on workers or customers, making your exhaust hoods and kitchen a much safer place.

3 – ✅ It protects other components of your exhaust system, including the fan, electrical cords, motor, and other parts. This helps extend the life of your fan, which can save you a lot of hard-earned cash in the long run.

What does the exhaust fan hinge do?

An exhaust fan hinge makes it easy to adjust the angle of your exhaust fan, making it simpler to clean and repair. Not only does this keep the fan in place, but it also protects it from falling or being damaged by moisture. Hinges are typically used for commercial kitchen exhaust fans because they can handle extreme temperatures and frequent use without corroding.

If you’re not sure which type of hinge kit is right for your needs, don’t worry! The team at Burlington Hood Cleaning will help you choose the perfect kit for your kitchen exhaust fan. Call us to learn more about our various hinge kits on a roofing system and how they can benefit your exhaust fan system!

Why should I have exhaust fan hinges installed in Burlington?

You may not feel the need to put in the money on an exhaust fan hinge, but you will realize its value the moment you experience the difficulty of cleaning and maintaining your fan without one. The hinges can help you easily adjust the position of your fan, making it easier to clean, fix, and maintain. An exhaust fan hinge also helps protect other components of the system, while preventing accidents and injuries.

Save time by having an exhaust fan hinge kit installed in Burlington, ON

Saving time on cleaning and maintenance is every restaurant manager’s dream. Investing in an exhaust fan hinge kit can make it possible. With a quality hinge kit, you can adjust the position of your fan in seconds and carry out cleaning and repairs faster than ever before. In addition to saving time, an exhaust fan hinge kit also keeps your system safe from damage and potential accidents.

Exhaust Fans

Your commercial kitchen exhaust fans are meant to function without hiccups and have zero risk of injury or damage to property. But because the blades rotate at a rapid speed, the slightest of miscalculations can lead to disastrous results.

It’s for this reason that exhaust fan hinge kits make for a smart investment. The hinge will ensure that the fan is held in place even when it’s not in use, making your kitchen a much safer place for workers and customers alike.

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Hood Cleaning

Burlington Hood Cleaning is Ontario’s top one-stop shop for all cleaning, maintenance, and repairs required for kitchen exhaust systems. We handle all types of exhaust fan hinge kits and kitchen exhaust systems. Whether you need a new installation, hood cleaning, or regular maintenance services, count on us to do an exceptional job!


Upblast Fans

The reason why upblast fans are the perfect solution for kitchen exhaust systems is because of their design. Upblast fans are designed to direct hot air and smoke away from the kitchen area, ensuring that the air near your cooking equipment is fresh and clean.

In addition to providing excellent ventilation system, upblast fans also help keep your commercial kitchen cooler. This can reduce energy costs significantly over time, making them a great long-term investment for any restaurant.

kitchen area

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