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Burlington Hood Cleaning

A successful restaurant runs profitably by making sure the customers are always happy. Creating a great customer experience involves many details, one of which is keeping the restaurant clean. And while you’re utterly focused on cleaning the visible surfaces, sometimes the hoods above your grills, fryers, and other cooking equipment are left neglected. The gross and sticky buildup of grease in the hoods, vents, and ducts must go, or you risk a fire. Burlington Hood Cleaning can be your #1 best service provider for all your hood and kitchen exhaust cleaning.

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Burlington Kitchen
Exhaust Cleaning

Commercial kitchen exhaust cleaning is actually comprised of a host of services, all of which are crucial to your restaurant’s safety and profitability.

Inspection – An exhaust system within the confines of a kitchen must go through an inspection, regardless of its age, state, or size. Detecting a potential problem before it becomes an issue can save your restaurant from major damage.

De-greasing – Grease deposits often accumulate in the hoods and ductwork of commercial kitchen exhaust systems, and must be removed to prevent the risk of fire. The cleaning crew will de-grease all surfaces inside the system during their visit.

Cleaning the Fan and Motor – The exhaust fans and motors on your roof must be inspected, cleaned, lubricated, and checked for any damage. If the fan is not functioning properly, it should be repaired or replaced with a new model.

Duct Cleaning – The ducts of your kitchen hood system should also be inspected and cleaned. The cleaning crew will scrub the ducts with a special brush to remove any dirt or debris that may be present.

Burlington Hood Cleaning offers Ontario’s most proficient and experienced kitchen exhaust cleaning services. We do full-service hood cleaning, including the ducts, fan, and motor. Our team will make sure your system is up to the highest standards of fire safety and sanitation.

Burlington Kitchen Exhaust System

A well-functioning kitchen exhaust system is a safeguard, not only for your customers and staff but for your profit margins as well. A fire in the kitchen could cause thousands of dollars worth of damage, not to mention a temporary closure.

Exhaust hood cleaning is a daunting task for most people, as it requires special equipment that is difficult to obtain. Burlington Hood Cleaning has everything you need to attain the best sanitation standards.

Our team will review and clean every aspect of your hood, from the top all the way down to the bottom including but not limited to: fans, ducts, troughs, and filter tracts; we will make it look like new.

100% of the time, our exhaust hood cleaning services will leave our clients happy with the results. We have extensive experience in cleaning all types of hoods – from condensate to grease – and we will do a great job on yours, guaranteed.

We are a team that works around your schedule, not the other way around. This ensures that there will be no disruptions or inconveniences to your customers or staff. Once our team is finished and everything meets your standards, we will take before and after photos of the serviced area, including the kitchen equipment for you to keep. These photos will be accompanied by a report that outlines the entire process.

Our Fully Trained Service Technicians Follow The NFPA 96 (National Fire Protection Association) Standards for Hood & Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning.

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Exhaust Hood System

Exhaust hood systems operate in a manner that is similar to the way that your kitchen fan would, except on a much larger scale. The system is designed to remove smoke, heat, and odors from your commercial kitchen, while also capturing grease and other debris before they can reach any other surface in the restaurant.

The main components of an exhaust hood system include the hoods themselves, the fans, and the ducts. When these components are running smoothly and efficiently, your kitchen will be free from smoke and grease buildup, providing a safe working environment for everyone. Even the kitchen floors will benefit from it.

Regular cleaning forms part of a comprehensive maintenance responsibility. The more frequently you use the hood, the more often it should be cleaned. Cleaning the hood by removing grease helps to maintain its performance and longevity while guaranteeing that your kitchen is safe from potential fire hazards. Go for professional hood cleaning services for a guaranteed cleaning job.


Burlington Hood Filters

The hood filters in your Burlington ON commercial kitchen take a lot of beating from the mundane cooking tasks. Grease, dust particles, and other debris accumulate in the filters over time, reducing their efficiency. We recommend that you replace your hood filters once a month to ensure the best performance from your kitchen exhaust system.

Burlington Restaurant Cleaning Services

Burlington Hood Cleaning offers excellent restaurant cleaning services. Our team is highly trained and experienced to deliver top results in a timely manner. No cleaning job is left compromised when you work with us. It doesn’t matter if it’s simple hood cleaning, or a more detailed restaurant deep cleaning; we’ve got you covered. Everything about exhaust hood cleaning service – we can do.


NFPA 96, Chapter 4.1.1 provides that all cooking equipment used in processes that produce smoke or grease-laden vapors ought to be equipped with an exhaust system that meets the requirements of this standard.

This particular standard must be met with utmost precision, as it ensures that your kitchen exhaust systems won’t become a safety hazard. NFPA 96 deals with more than just the exhaust system; it also covers the fire suppression systems and other associated components.

Burlington Rooftop
Grease Containment

Call our team at Burlington Hood Cleaning if you need to outfit your rooftop with a grease containment system. We have all of the necessary equipment to make sure that your kitchen exhaust hoods don’t add to the already overwhelming amount of pollutants in the air.

Our custom-made products are designed to fit any roof and meet all relevant regulations. This includes providing adequate and sustained protection against grease spillage and extreme fire hazards.

Burlington Exhaust
Fan Hinges Installation

A fan hinge kit makes perfect sense as an investment because it provides the required support when handling the exhaust fan to the roof. Without it, the entire system could become unstable, posing a risk of injury, damage to property, and even fire.

Extreme Fire Hazard

Burlington Pressure Washing Services

While cleaning kitchen exhaust hoods can be done manually, a pressure washer is ideal for a deep clean. Pressure washing effectively removes any built-up grease and grime in hard-to-reach areas, and makes sure that your kitchen exhaust system remains operational at optimal levels.

At Burlington Hood Cleaning, we offer professional pressure cleaning services for all types of commercial kitchens.

fire protection

Burlington Hood
Vent Cleaning

The vent is located outside of a commercial kitchen, and it’s responsible for carrying the grease-laden vapors away from the building. If your vents are clogged or damaged, it will seriously impede their function. Vent hood cleaning is the most sensible solution as the process rids the vent area of any grease and debris.

Commercial Kitchen Cleaning

Burlington Restaurant Equipment Cleaning

Regular and thorough cleaning of all kitchen equipment, from the ovens to the grills, is essential for a safe and hygienic kitchen. Choose a cleaning company that’s backed by a wealth of experience and has the right set of cleaning tools to ensure that your kitchen surfaces and exhaust hoods are spotless.

Steam Cleaning

Burlington Food Truck Hood Cleaning

Our food truck hood cleaning service is just as efficient as any other similar service. We use a specialized approach to ensure that your food truck hood is properly sanitized and safe for operations. The process entails cleaning the hood, fan, filters, and associated components with hot water and approved degreasing agents to make sure it meets all safety standards.

Contact us today if your food truck exhaust hood needs a detailed and thorough kitchen exhaust cleaning job.

Hood Cleaning Pros

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For restaurants and facilities in the Cambridge ON area contact Cambridge Hood Cleaning for professional kitchen exhaust and hood cleaning.



Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to clean under the hood?

The cost of a hood cleaning job will depend on the type of system installed on your kitchen, including its size. Contact us for an accurate quote, including those that involve other equipment, the ventilation system, and grease containment system.


How often should hoods be cleaned?

Kitchen hoods fitted in a commercial kitchen that cooks food daily must be cleaned at least every three months. For other types of cooking and food establishments, cleaning should be done at least once a year.


How long does it take to clean a hood?

The time it takes to clean a hood is dependent upon the size of the system, typically taking two to four hours. If any repairs or replacements are needed, then cleaning may take longer. Choose honest hood cleaning services to handle the job.


How do self-cleaning hoods work?

Self-cleaning hoods takes advantage of a combination of steam, heat and cleaning chemicals to break down grease and other debris. The process is designed to be automatic, with no manual labour needed from the user


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